4 Ways Your Tablet Can Ease Up Your Day

They’re more than just for scrolling social media.

Whether you’re a workaholic, traveller, music lover or bibliophile, you can bet your tablet is capable of doing more for you than you’d expect. Since most of us are using it 24/7, here’s how you can put your tablet to good use and make your everyday routine better.

1. Work sidekick

If you’re always on the go between different locations for work, carrying your laptop can be a hassle. Leave the weight at home and take the Huawei MediaPad M2 with you instead! The M2 is equipped with Huawei’s Emotions UI 3.0 system, providing you intuitive access to videos and photos while it’s also user-friendly.


2. Bright navigator

Woman is looking at a map inside her car

Let’s admit it, not everyone is great with directions or at figuring out locations without the help of GPS, right? Now, you’ll never be lost again with the MediaPad M2 that’s packed with an eye-opening 8-inch IPS touch screen display that has 1920×1200 resolutions offering high-quality and clear visuals; it’ll make sure you never miss a turn again. To top it off, the ClariVu® display comprises different modes from Sun View to Color Enhancement in adjusting the screen for a better view.



3. Personal DJ

Who can say no to good music and most importantly, to a good sound system? Whether you’re listening to your favourite song while hitting the gym or blasting the stereo at home, the MediaPad M2 is your ultimate DJ. With its dual-stereo speakers, a smart PA power amplifier and the Super Wide Sound 2.0, it offers music enthusiasts a 180-degree surround-sound effect so you won’t miss a clear beat. Warning: you’d probably jam to your ringtone instead of answering when you get a phone call!


4. Reading made easy

Ever since the launch of big-screen smartphones and tablets, reading on-screen, especially late at night or in dimly-lit rooms, is quite the norm. The downside to this? It damages your eye sight. Here’s the good news: MediaPad M2 will protect your eyes, thanks to its Eye Protection mode that will adjust the screen by reducing blue light rays emitted so you can have a more relaxing visual experience. Holding the phone won’t be a problem either since the M2 is made up of a 99.5-per-cent metal body with only a 1.2mm non-metallic area, so it feels flawless to touch with its robust build.



Photo: ING Image



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