3 Reasons Why We Love The Latest Apple Watch Series 5

It’s more than just a watch!

Photography: Apple

It’s been weeks since the release of the latest Apple Watch Series 5 and thankfully I got to review this handy piece of technology to basically kickstart my lifestyle with! It was not only an experience but also an adventure to experiment with. Keep in mind that I’ve never owned nor used any of the previous Apple watch series before so as a first time user to this technology, I am pretty impressed with how it helps to boost my everyday routine.

If you’re curious about how this helps me, here are three reasons why I love the Apple Watch Series 5:


Photography: Apple

For the first time ever, the always-on retina display is finally designed for the Series 5. Now for this, it really depends on the wearer whether you want to constantly have it on at all times or turn it off and check the time/notifications with a light touch or with a twist of your wrist. Ideally, the always-on retina display function works for people who are on the constant go and want that constant need of having a glance of the time without tapping on the screen. 

I personally love to have it off just cos I prefer to save the battery to last throughout the day and this is coming from someone who receives multiple phone calls and texts at work, so turning it off is the safest option. Lastly, the fact that you can pick out different designs/themes to match my mood of the day is probably the best part. 


I have to admit, I was a bit worried about it being hard to match your outfits with this technology in hand compared to a regular fashion watch. However, since the cases are made out of recycled aluminium – I do feel great about wearing this wherever I go.

First of all, I love the idea of changing the straps based on where you’re heading to. You’ve got a silicone sport band, the stainless steel Milanese loop and the fabric sport loop but my favourite at the moment is the latter. Not only does it come in various colour blocking tones but if you purchase two bands in different materials for yourself, think about how easy and convenient it is about changing the bands for different occasions – from casual outings to dinner dates and for the gym. 


Photography: Apple

For someone who works out 3 times a week, the satisfying feeling of knowing you worked out AND noticing the number of calories you have lost at the end is one of the many best things to notice. I’m currently training to be an indoor cycling instructor myself so this crosschecks everything I need to know when conducting a class. For instance, detecting and monitoring your heart rate is very important and I’m amazed at how it automatically detects and notifies you whether to pause or end the workout once your heart rate is at its resting BPM. 

Also, I listen to music 24/7, I love the idea of picking out your own playlist on the watch itself without whipping out your phone in the middle of a workout.

Photography: Apple

Lastly, for the ladies, other than fitness, did you know that you can track your menstrual cycle as well? Yes, you read that right! It’ll send you a notification of your next period prediction and track any irregularities. 


Other than stating the obvious of telling time and skipping to the next song on your watch when you’re having a jog at the park, it also notifies you when your surroundings are too loud for comfort with the Noise app. Also, with cellular data, you can now leave your phone inside your gym locker when you’re breaking a sweat and have important phone calls/texts go straight to your watch. The most important feature of all: it has a fall detection function that will direct you to your emergency contact/provider when an impact happens to you. 

Now, how cool are all these great functions on a watch? 

The Apple Watch Series 5 is now available online and in-stores, priced from RM1,749 to RM3,400