What Does It Mean To Be A Social Media Influencer?

Social media influencers are taking the world by storm but what exactly does it mean to be one? Zoey Phoon explains her stand on what it takes to walk the talk of being an influencer in this digital era.

“In this millennium, social media influencers are making big bucks as digital human billboards, but what exactly do they do aside from being a marketing and advertising tool? Let’s break down the terms to have an insight into what exactly it means to be a social media influencer.

Essentially, a social media influencer would be someone who makes an impact on his or her ‘audience’ via YouTube,Instagram, blogs and such. Now that we’ve grasped the idea of what a ‘social media influencer’ is, what do they really do and who are they, really?

In my opinion, I would say that most social media influencers are just like every other ordinary human being out there with a goal, a job and a life. The only difference is that the job of a social media influencer is based on his/her following, likes and views (engagement) of their individual social media profiles and pages.

It is pretty superficial but if it makes money, why not? There are people out there who won’t take them seriously and I totally understand why. I mean, up till now, no one really knows what exactly a social media influencer does that is so amazing.

Social media influencers are revolutionising the marketing and advertising industry. They are essentially individuals who enjoy sharing bits and pieces of their lives with their followers and from that, their admirers who enjoy watching the life of the influencers, end up following them in their choices whether it’s fashion, beauty, travel or lifestyle.

Most social media influencers are people who enjoy churning out creative content for their audiences. I say most because is there a rise in the number of those who are just pretty faces with no passion in creating content at all. These people contribute to the negativity and judgement from others who do not understand the true meaning of being a social media influencer.

‘Social media influencer’ has now become such a narcissistic term due to the rise of ‘just another pretty face on the internet’. People who genuinely enjoy creating meaningful and creative content are not praised enough for their work as opposed to those who don’t have the passion for it.

To be blunt, this is just not fair for budding talents. I personally know of so many people who get so disappointed when they put their all into their creative work online but someone pretty gets the hype and praise just for taking a selfie. Aside from that, we’ve got some members of the public voicing their negative opinions on the whole social media influencer craze because it appreciates a pretty face more than a talented creative. And thanks to all these over hyped pretty faces with no passion for creating content, dissatisfaction among people is common whenever the term ‘social media influencer’ is mentioned. This gives the actual people who use social media to inspire others a bad name too as they somehow fall into the same category as a social media influencer.”


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