The FEMALE Guide To: 8 Mom-Pleasing Gifts For Mother’s Day

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We know the drill by now: mothers should be appreciated every day, and not just one day of the year on Mother’s Day. But if your mom is the sort that doesn’t want you spending money on her, a designated day to celebrate her is a great excuse to treat her to something she wouldn’t usually allow you to.

So this year, we’ve rounded up the best purchases you can treat your mom to this Mother’s Day, all designed to be as mom-pleasing as possible across the board. (And if she scolds you for it, send her our way; we’ll happily take the hit!)

1. Pandora’s Mother’s Day 2019 Collection

There’s just something charming and sentimental about Pandora’s jewellery pieces, making them a perfect choice for mother’s day. Even the most practical mom will enjoy wearing a piece of jewellery that’s a physical reminder of your love for her. With their unobtrusive and sophisticated designs like the new Knotted Heart bracelet that’s strong enough to wear alone, Pandora’s latest Mother’s Day pieces are a fitting gift to commemorate the timeless, unconditional love of motherhood.

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