Rent A Boyfriend From Lazada This Chinese New Year

Like Amazon in America, you can get almost everything on Lazada– including a boyfriend, it seems. (Take that Amazon!)

That’s right, Lazada’s offering to let you rent your very own boyfriend just in time for Chinese New Year!

In true Chinese New Year fashion, there are 8 bachelors up for grabs. (Including past FEMALE 50 Gorgeous contestants Joseph Lee and Adery Chin!) All you have to do is head here and from the 16th to 18th of January, “slash” the bachelor you want on the Lazada app during a few pre-determined timeslots. Each slash will gradually bring their price down from RM8,888 to RM0, and will take you 48 slashes in total. Manage to do that, and Lazada will contact you to set up with your date!

Here’s who you get to pick from:

Before your imagination gets the better of you, the date will take place at a nursing home, so you two can spend some quality time getting to know each other while bringing some festive cheer t0 the nursing home residents on the 26th of January!

So you may not have the company of one of these bachelors on Chinese New Year, but hey, you’ll have some sweet photos to show your relatives.  And best of all, the contest doesn’t seem to discriminate and is open to other guys as well!