8 Places To Get the Coolest Temporary Tattoos in Malaysia

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Zero commitment and fuss-free body art for the indecisive.

With celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Beyoncé and even fashion powerhouse, Tommy Hilfiger, flaunting the modernised old school trend all over social media and the runway, it seems like temporary tattoos aren’t going anywhere soon. Stick-on body art has been around for ages but with the latest chic and fashionable spin given to them, it has become a whole different matter! We can’t help but to fall back in love with this fun accessory that requires absolutely no commitment!

1. Habitatt



From typography to metallic and feminine to quirky, this homegrown online store that focuses solely on temporary tattoos has successfully revived the body art trend in Malaysia with their creative and unique designs that not only serve as the ultimate accessory, but also as great conversation starters!

Website: http://habitatt.co/

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