3 Minutes With Hannah Delisha And Her New HUAWEI Nova 3i

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Hannah Delisha is the face of the new HUAWEI Nova 3i, the new It phone for fashionistas and jetsetters alike! Here’s what we’ve got from the post-event chat with her on the launching day of the HUAWEI’s latest Nova superstars.

Photography: Aqo Imran


I love it loads; I chose mine in white cos it looks super-elegant! It’s cool how I don’t have to sacrifice storage space for videos and apps anymore with my HUAWEI Nova 3i. Also, the struggles of getting the perfect selfies… they’re gone. The AI camera auto-focuses like a charm and enhances the lighting – heavy, dim or no backlight, it’s OK to post #nofilter shots any day. Can’t say no to super-nice pics!


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