Get Your Man Smelling as Manly as Cash

One man didn’t think a man’s hand should smell as girly as lavender, so he created soaps with scents as manly as beer and bacon.

Although men can be turned on by certain ingredients in our perfume, it seems that they don’t enjoy ‘girly’ scents on their own bodies.

man soap 5

At least, that’s what propelled Adam Anderson to create ManHands – manly scented soap. The 27-year-old Nebraskan said, “It all started a few months ago when I went to wash my hands and noticed all the girly scented soaps (which basically contained lavender or vanilla) we had around the house.”

man soap 1

“I thought to myself, ‘this is not how a man’s hands should be smelling’. Something needed to be done and that is when ManHands Soap started to come alive.” And he made it all in his very own kitchen.

man soap 3

Now the question is: how should a man smell like, then? Well, Mr Anderson has created 20 different scents, from cash to beer to bacon. You’ll probably start wondering whether men really want to smell like these, but here’s his logic for why men should use Fresh Cut Grass: “Nothing screams man like mowing the lawn, so this smell will remind you of the smell of a job well done.”

man soap 2

So, get your man smelling like buttered popcorn (yums!) or use it yourself, because according to Mr. Anderson, lots of women enjoy those scents too. Err.. but perhaps you might want to think twice before trying Top Soil.

ManHands soaps are available at for $6.95.

Source and Photos: Huffington Post, Gadgets and Gear