Asia’s Top 10 Brands 2015 Revealed in Survey

Can you guess which is the top Malaysian brand on this list?

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While some of us are known to be shopaholics (whether we’d like to admit it or not), there are also the rest of us who only shops when we REALLY need something. When that time comes, don’t we usually have a trusty/favourite brand we’d turn to? For example, smartphones (Samsung or Apple?) or coffee (Starbucks or that new hipster cafe joint?) or designer handbags (there are a few reasons why Chanel handbags are SO expensive, after all).

So, which brands exactly are the crowd’s favourites? Well, at the top itself is fourth time reigning/defending champion, Samsung, as revealed in the 2015 Asia’s Top 1000 Brands survey done by Campaign Asia-Pacific and Nielsen.

Samsung is also ranked top-five in at least 14 consumer electronics sub-categories. And if you’re looking into buying a new refrigerator, TV, smartphone or mobile phone, Samsung is in the lead for these products. #justsaying

Moving on, here are the Top 10 brands from the list of 2015 Asia’s Top 1000:


It is also interesting to note that THE Malaysian brand that topped its counterparts in this list is none other than AirAsia. Rising from its 43rd placing to No. 34 this year, the airline company is also the top overall airline brand in Asia-Pacific; and it has been so every year since 2010 when it overtook Singapore Airlines.#malaysianpride

To check out the rest of the 2015 Asia’s Top 1000 Brands list, head over to



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