10 Pretty Raya Packets From Our Favourite Local Brands

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Give out your Duit Raya in style with these top-notch designs from our favourite local brands. Let’s get shopping!

1. Wabisabi

Wabisabi has a way to make you feel the Raya vibes with their packets! Available in two designs – Kampung and Abstract Art, the designs are timeless as you can use it for any occasion.  The well-designed packets are sold as a set of 9 for RM10 which super inexpensive and are available for pre-order! Wabisabi is also doing promo buy 3 sets, get 1, as well as a giveaway, click here to find out how to get the packets for free.

Wabisabi Set A & B (9 pieces each), RM 10 per pack

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