9 Malaysian Online Stores To Stock Up Dainty Accessories

Delicate jewelry adds a subtle, classy touch to any outfit – and getting your hands on them has never been easier with these online stores we found.


M for Melur
Launched barely over a month ago, M for Melur has already garnered close to 2000 followers on its Instagram shop – and for good reason! The store’s collection of dainty earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings possess universal style appeal for every fashionista out there. Just Whatsapp the code of the piece you want to Melur (aka founder, Jazmin Arifin) and you’re all set!

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The Straits Finery

Inspired by heirloom pieces, all delicate fine jewelry sold at The Straits Finery are made from either 14 carat gold or sterling silver – high-quality, luxury materials that have been proven to last. Coupled with minimalistic modern designs, these one-of-a-kind pieces make good investments – their personal, sentimental quality means you could wear them for life.


Based in KL, Wanderlust’s selection of dainty jewelry comes in many quirky colours and materials to add just that right ‘pop’ to your ensemble. You’ll want to watch their Insta-shop often – they offer promo deals from time to time at unbelievably affordable prices. Besides delicates, they also sell statement jewelry, bags and phone covers – so stock up on this shop, ladies!

Medea Treasures

If you’re looking for personalized, artsy pieces that you can’t find anywhere else, you’ll want to check out Medea Treasures. In creating their handmade jewelry and trinkets, Medea Treasures uses highly customizable materials, such as charms and birth gems, in their pieces so that your jewelry perfectly showcases your multi-faceted personality.

Finding dainty jewelry is easy-peasy at Luccacal – instead of having to scroll through generic categories, the online store has ‘Delicates’ have their own section under each jewelry type (necklaces, earrings and bracelets). Besides featuring a variety of designs and themes, the site also offers full refunds for out-of-stock items and replacements for damaged ones, giving you full peace of mind as you shop.
Cream By Val
Cream By Val’s collections are sorted by how suitable individual pieces are for a loved one: your BFF, significant other, family, or even yourself, which makes your chosen accessory all the more meaningful. The store’s jewelry is handmade in-house with sterling silver, copper or brass, and they feature creations from other young local and foreign designers as well.

Minimalist Lab
Branding their collection as ‘emotive jewelry’, Minimalist Lab’s collection of inspirational accessories would not only make you look good but feel good as well. And it doesn’t just stop there – each 14-carat coated necklace and charm comes with an ‘encouragement card’ that will lift the spirits of the wearer and everyone else around her. How’s that for motivation?

You can now have truly personal accessories with Lazenda’s collection of engraved jewelry – you could engrave initials, a name, a short message, or even proclaim your devotion to your significant other with their personalized delicates. If names on your neck or wrist aren’t your thing, Lazenda still has a wide array of unique, minimalist charms in their collection for you to make a statement.
Moosh Bijoux
Pronounced as ‘mush-bijoo’, this local jewellery brand is strictly handmade. Incorporating semi precious stones in a bohemian twist, the brand offers necklaces and earrings but their speciality is their colourful beaded bracelets with dainty charms. Moosh Bijoux’s jewelleries are reasonably priced without breaking a bank. So, if you’re towards a more rustic feel to your dainty jewelleries, then do check out this online store.

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Compiled by: Debra Wong.