Who Says Matchmaking Is A Passe? Datesmith’s Country Lead Tells You Why You Should Give It A Second Thought.

Time to put that phone down and give matchmaking a chance!

In this day and age where the Internet typically rules our lives, it can be tricky to obtain an offline connection to keep our love life afloat. Just thinking about walking up to someone to spark a conversation is scary enough – well, for some of us – that we’d much prefer to talk to them behind screens so they don’t see our sweat trickling down our faces! And while that may feel better, the Internet can’t supply the personalised touch we ultimately need.

Coming in straight from Singapore as a subsidiary of Paktor Group, Datesmith is a matchmaking service that will help you build connections outside of the interwebs. In 2018, it’s breathing fresh air into the dating scene when we’ve been preoccupied by online dating apps – and frankly, we’re all for it! Read on to see what we gathered from Datesmith’s country lead Diana Choo.

Diana Choo, Malaysia Country Lead

“There’s a human touch to it”

Datesmith offers a personalised touch based on your preference. Each potential date is thoroughly profiled with a one-to-one matching process. And while there are a few online dating apps that allow you to choose your likes and dislikes, there’s nothing like having an assigned Relationship Manager to discuss your thoughts with and guide you through your journey.

“It’s trustworthy and safe”

Safety and trust are super important when it comes to relationships. The same can be said for dating and matchmaking services too. So we were glad to discover that Datesmith is backed by a results-driven team with a strong regional presence in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong being part of the large dating and social networking online platform, Paktor Group.

“Options are aplenty”

If you feel that you and your date aren’t jiving, don’t worry! Datesmith has a large pool of database, approximately 30,000 members to date, so there’s definitely someone you’ll be able to spark a connection with.

“It’s a team full of dedicated and passionate individuals”

Behind the service is a team of Relationship Managers and Matchmakers that want to see you and your relationship flourish. They are a strong team to help and understand you from the get-go so that you’re able to find the person you’re most comfortable with! So go on try the service out for yourself; who knows, you might just find the one!

For more information on Datesmith or to get your account started, visit mydatesmith.com now.

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