Sex Fetishes You Won’t Believe Exist

Some people have a special infatuation with feet and others are aroused by leather and handcuffs, but we’ve found some of the most bizarre sex fetishes that are a little out of this world. And one of them actually is.



This is the fetish for trees and plants, and someone actually got arrested for it. William Shaw, a 21-year-old Scottish man, was caught trying to have sex with a tree in an open park. Tree hugger? More like tree-boner.


X-Files claimed that the truth is out there but for exophiles, it’s love – or sexual arousal. These people have an erotic attraction to supernatural, extraterrestrial, robotic or non-human life-forms. We wonder what Sheldon Cooper thinks of this.


Objectum Sexuality

Some of you may adore the Eiffel Tower but your affection for the monument can’t compare with Erika La Tour Eiffel. She is an objectum sexual, a person who falls in love with objects. In Erika’s case, she married the structure, took its name and has even straddled one of the beams. Oops, we mean ‘her name’ because Erika doesn’t like people referring to ‘her’ as ‘it’.


Farting in public is usually deemed as an embarrassing act but not if you did it in front of a flatulophile – he or she will totally be aroused by it! Also known as eproctophilia.


Also known as the calligraphy fetish, these people get a kick out of writing degrading words all over their partner’s body. Guess they’re not really the romantic type.



This brings liking bad boys to a whole new level because women with this fetish are attracted to the real bad guys – criminals. Even the ones who have been jailed for terrible crimes (and we’re not talking about handbag snatching).


While that time of the month is not something most women look forward to, there are actually people who are turned on by menstrual blood, or women who are having their period. While the majority of menophiliacs are men, some women have the hots for other menstruating women too.


While we agree that love is unconditional, being aroused because your partner’s missing limb is a little different. Acrotomophilia is a fetish for one’s lover to be an amputee, or a sexual desire for amputees in general. According to Wikipedia, “in a survey of acrotomophiles, leg amputations were preferred over arm amputations; amputations of a single limb, over double amputations; and amputations that left a stump, over amputations that left no stump.”



Some guys are known to be weak to a woman’s tears, to the point where they DON’T want you to cry at all. But for dacryphiliacs, the sight of tears simply gets them aroused.

Erotic Lactation

Also known as adult suckling, adult nursing or adult breastfeeding, erotic lactation is the sexual pleasure achieved by sucking on a lactating woman’s breast. It can be gratifying for both the man and the lactating woman, and may also involve being sprayed with the milk, drinking the milk or using stored milk for play.

There are many other bizarre fetishes around the world but we found this little comic by via Cracked to give you a better illustration of them.


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