Malaysians Can Now Come Together With Teh Tarik Condoms

If you weren’t keen on the idea of putting nasi lemak panas condoms near your bits but still want a little Malaysian flavour to spice up your bedroom, look no further!

ONE Condoms is back with the latest flavour addition to their  Malaysian Limited Edition series (which has included Durian and Nasi Lemak Panas) and it sure is a Malaysian favourite.

Behold the Teh Tarik condom!

Given their past track record of serious Malaysian icons, ONE’s choice of the national drink is no acciden.t “The Teh Tarik is a legendary quintessential Malaysian delicacy that is rivalled by no other. Teh Tarik is the drink that brings Malaysians closer,” the company said. ” Now, it will bring Malaysians even closer – in the bedroom.”

But what does the condom smell like? Very pleasant, actually! It does smell a lot like teh tarik, with the characteristic almost-floral aroma of tea. It’s not as creamy and sickly sweet as you might think– it’s a kurang manis edition after all! We haven’t had a chance to taste-test it, but let us know if you do!

Photo: ONE Condoms / Instagram

Fittingly, ONE has used their signature Super Sensitive Condoms for this limited edition flavour, which is supposed to be extra soft, silky, and juicy with 50% more lubricant– just like a good teh tarik!

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One Condoms’ limited edition Teh Tarik Super Sensitive Condoms (RM8.40) will be available at pharmacies, convenience stores, and online at