How To Tell If Your Partner Is Gaslighting You

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Relationships are tricky things in life – some days you feel like the happiest person on earth, other days you feel that there’s something wrong between you and your partner. It’s normal to doubt yourself in a relationship, but if you’re constantly second-guessing yourself and doubting your intuition and reality, you may be experiencing gaslighting.

What exactly is gaslighting?

It’s a form of psychological manipulation that makes you question your memory and sanity repeatedly. It makes you feel like something is “terribly wrong” but you’re unable to wrap your head around the matter. Eventually, you may begin to lose trust in yourself and give in to allow your partner to take full control of you.

The problem about gaslighting is that it can happen really brazenly or subtly, making it tricky to spot. Either way, it’s emotional abuse. So the sooner you notice it, the better. Here’s what to look out for in order to spot a gaslighter before they get in your head.

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