How to Impress Anyone in 60 Seconds

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Because first impressions always count… and last.

Have a new boss coming in soon? Going for a interview with a potential employer? Meeting a new client for your portfolio? Think that new male colleague looks pretty cute? The only problem is: how do you strike up a conversation and impress them?



If getting to know new people is not your forte and usually results in an anxiety attack instead, we’re guessing first-time meetings are often a little daunting for you at first thought. But hey, don’t worry. It happens to most of us and it’s not exactly a lost cause. No matter who it is you’re thinking of impressing, we’ve rounded up some foolproof tricks that will help you start off on the right foot!

1. Be on time

We said “in 60 seconds”, right? Well, the impression clock starts when you arrive… or when you don’t. Everyone likes a punctual person and this is especially so on a professional level. But in the event that you are unfortunately delayed, be sure to at least give them a heads-up. It gives your new boss/client/date the impression that you’re someone they can count on.

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