4 Quality Activities To Do On The First Date

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With dating apps taking the lead and overturning the traditional process of courtship into a fast-tracked digital wooing, the dating game in the 21st century has surely fast rewired to become an art form entirely on its own.

You’ve probably heard a million times that dating apps are merely platforms for people seeking hookups, and that’s not entirely wrong. I’ve been on several dating apps in hopes to look for a partner – Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, Tinder – you name it, I’ve most probably tried it. It’s almost expected to match with at least one profile who’s looking for casual sex but this doesn’t mean the myriad of people on dating apps all has less-than-good intentions.

In a survey done by Asia’s first and leading lunch dating company, Lunch Actually, the result shows that more than 91 per cent of Malaysians are actually still keen in traditional romance and settling down with a partner in the future. But if traditional love is still high on demand, why is the number of dating app users so high?

According to Violet Lim, CEO and co-founder of Lunch Actually, many people jump onto the dating app bandwagon because they want to explore various options and convenience offered by the app.

“With the huge rise of the internet, connecting and communicating with someone has never been easier regardless of their location. There is a change in the dating scene where we observed that singles are now more courageous to explore new ways of meeting someone new, be it through a dating app, matchmaking service or singles events other than through mutual introductions,” says Violet.

While there may be a vast selection at your fingertips to manoeuvre around the dating scene, making a good first impression on the first date can make or break your chance in budding a new relationship. Here are a few interesting activities that you and your partner can consider doing on your first date.

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