Birth Control In Malaysia

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Did you know that less than half of all fertile Malaysian women use contraception? This shockingly low usage rate is what doctors say is responsible for women dying from too many pregnancies and for the more horrific act of baby-dumping.

But if you need contraception in Malaysia, what are your options? How do you know what’s best for you, how to get it, and for much?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Click the titles of each option for more info!

1. Birth Control Pill

These pills contain a combination synthetic hormones to stop your body from releasing an egg during ovulation. No egg means no baby. The hormones also cause your cervical mucus to thicken, forming a physical barrier that stops sperm from getting any further. Hormonal birth control has a success rating of 99% and all you need to do is take one pill every day at the same time. Single-hormone pills, also known as progestogen-only pills or mini pills, are recommended for women who cannot take estrogen. Consult your doctor to find what’s best for you!

Is it for me?
The pill is the easiest birth control to take and doesn’t interrupt sex, as long as you can remember to take the pill each day. But like all hormonal birth control, the pill can have a range of side-effects ranging from good to not so great. You might see changes in your mood, skin, body, and sex drive. Thankfully, there are a lot of different pills with different hormone concentrations and combinations to choose from. If these undesirable effects don’t go away after 3 months, go back to see your doctor to change your pills. Here’s a comprehensive list of what brands are available in Malaysia.

Where to get it: Your usual clinic for a consultation, and then you’ll be able to pick them up from any pharmacy.

Price: RM 10 – 40 per month, depending on brand. All prices are taken from LPPKN, so you might expect higher prices from a private clinic.

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