Better Sex and More Orgasms, According to Science

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1. Make the right moves

Lesbian women had much higher rates of orgasm than their straight counterparts. And compared to straight men, homosexual women were more likely to report that their partners orgasm during sex.

So why are women so much more likely to orgasm when they have sex with other women rather than with men? Are women just better than men at making other women orgasm? The researchers say this could be due to other women having a better understanding than men that female orgasms are not just about penetrative vaginal sex.

Although a third of men surveyed believe that penetrative vaginal sex is the best way to lead a woman to orgasm, 80% of heterosexual and 91% of homosexual women disagree. The winning combination for more orgasms for them? A “combination of genital stimulation, deep kissing, and oral sex in addition to vaginal sex”.

Tell that to your boyfriend, okay?


Orgasm frequency according to combinations of behaviours engaged in during last sexual encounter: note that vaginal sex is not a requirement in ensuring orgasm! (source)

(As for length? 15 minutes to an hour seems to be the sweet spot, according to the study.)

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