9 Surprising Ways You Can Ooze Sexiness

There’s more to being sexy than skimpy clothing and tricky heels. Being sexy is a mindset. Here are some quick ways you can ooze sexuality in a different manner.


Photo: INGimage

1. Be lovable. Be yourself! Sexiness comes from within and everyone has something to offer to another person.

2. Be the mover and the shaker. Nothing is sexier than a high energy happy!

3. Be the first to say hello. Announce your presence. You are your brand and you are one in a million. Confidence is super sexy.

4. Be the first to extend a good handshake. A firm grip and a warm touch is another way to say, “I’m here, look at me!”

5. Look fabulous in flattering clothes. No matter what shape and size you are, wear clothes that fit and make you feel good! You must also love what you see in the mirror. Stop obsessing with your flaws; we are humans.

6. Put on that red lipstick. Your face is your fortune. A dash of colour will do wonders to your face. Capitalise on your assets. Nice eyes? Apply mascara!

7. Smell like a million bucks. Get a new perfume. Announce your presence in the air before your physical self.

8. Strut your stuff. Don’t hunch or constantly look down. Stand tall, step out with confidence and walk with a purpose.

9. Have fun. Lighten up! The definition of sexy should be: someone who is laughing, smiling, being real and having fun!