7 Things A Man Should Not Do to A Woman

Sorry, Mr. Bad Boy. Even the guys are not going to root for you on this.

While we all, as women, have a couple of dating boundaries for guys, we wondered if any of them can be legitly accepted from a man’s point of view as well (even though we already know it is, with or without their approval). So we decided to ask a couple of your local Malaysian guys when they think a woman should ditch a guy and here are their utmost honest answers.


PHOTO: ingimage

“You want kids. He wants a Porche. Baby you’re not on the same page.” – Faisal

“The longest you’ve ever gone without fighting is two days… and you just started dating last week! Seriously being in love is supposed to be fun.” – Chin Ee

“He’s too needy and clingy. You want a man, not a child.” – Anthony

“He promises to give up smoking/drinking/gambling (fill in your choice).  Either you love him as he is or leave him but don’t expect him to change.” – Rafi

“If you have to call ahead before dropping by his place every time, he’s hiding something.” – Paul

“He’s borrowed money from you, your friends, your family, your colleague… or worst still, he took a loan and made you the guarantor!” – Anand

“You’ve been going steady for a year and he’s stilll splitting the bill right down the middle. Come to think of it, why did you even go steady in the first place?” – Mun Leong