6 Other Bizarre Edible Aphrodisiacs Besides Durian

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3. Soup Number Five (Bull’s penis and testicles)

Holy moly, it’s Soup #5. #Baguio #SlaughterHouse #BaladjaiFoodHouse #SoupNumberFive #WinkWink #Love #Life

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A speciality of the Philippines, this euphemistically-named soup takes the meaning of ‘strong as a bull’ to a whole new level. This soup is composed of onions, carrots, and bull’s penis and testicles and is believed to be a potent love potion. Squirm you may, but this dish is so common you can find it stewing at just about any roadside eatery.

The soup is aimed at men as it’s believed the very powers that give the animal its strength and ferocity will do the same for the guy who consumes its nether regions. The parts are scrubbed and scalded efore they’re tossed into an aromatic soup loaded with veggies so Soup Number Five is really just another form of beef stew, when you think about it.

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