6 Annoying Things Couples Do in Public

Please take note for your single friends’ sake.

annoying things couples do

PHOTO: Ingimage

From fighting in public to giving too much PDA, there are just some things that are unacceptable (read: annoying!) (read: facepalm) to the public eye – or worse, your single friends.

1. Fighting in public

You know the type – fights in the bar because she thinks he was checking out some other girl; fights at a dinner party because she took too long to get ready; fights in supermarkets because they can’t settle on which ice cream to get, fights in… well, you get the point. Nothing is more uncomfortable than to sit in front of a fighting couple, ready to tear each other’s hair out. It’s even more so when they put you in the spot and ask which of them you think is in the wrong.


2. Carrying her bag

Does he really have to carry her handbag, especially if it is girlie pink? Not only does it look wrong but do men in relationships really want to physical evidence of being effeminate? Seriously, leave the bag carrying to us, and ladies, don’t do that to your boyfriend just because you can!


3. The ‘we’ syndrome

What is it with couples that the minute they get together, ‘I’ flies out of the window and ‘we’ take over? “We love that movie. We can’t go out tonight. We must have that lovely tiramisu at our favourite restaurant.” It’s understandable that when one becomes part of a two, you are tempted to want to do everything together, but that doesn’t mean losing your identity in the process. Here is a thought- what happened to the ‘I’ before you got together with someone else? Seriously, we miss that person and look, it is OK to leave him behind while you catch up with friends sometimes. He doesn’t need to be there by your side 24-7. So the next time you are out with your girlfriends, please leave your ‘Siamese twin’ behind and come alone.


4. Going public

We know how absolutely in love you are with each other, but do you really need to rub it into our faces with your non-stop PDA? Sure, it gets lonely being single but we don’t need you to remind us with your non-stop groping, kissing and gushing.


5. Smug talk

From bar-hopping to watching movies to making fun of couples shackled in commitment, we used to do everything together and embrace our singlehood at the same time. And once you’ve found ‘The One’, we’re happy for you! But not if you take a 180-degree turn and begin making fun of ‘Lonely Singles’ and pity us for being stuck in the zone. Word of advice: there is no need to criticise the single life just because you have crossed over to the other side.


6. Playing matchmaker

Hey, we get it. You mean well and who knows? There’s a chance we’ll only find Mr. Right with your introduction but making it your mission to hook us up with every other guy just because you want to double date or out of pity? No thank you.

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