5 Unexpected Things That Can Turn A Man On In Bed

These things can make him go nuts under the sheets!

When it comes to men and relationships, a lot of things are contrary to what we women thought. The body parts we come to be shy about, they like. The fashion trends we follow or the coolest hairstyles we don to impress (although it’s usually for our own personal interests), they don’t. And now it turns out, we didn’t really have to try too hard based on the answers the guys gave to complete this sentence: “I love it when she…”

things men love about women

“… looks natural.”

Any girl with a big purse can look like a Victoria’s Secrets model, but looking gorgeous even in a pair of old jeans and a shirt with no makeup on says to him that you’re naturally beautiful and that he won’t get a shock when he wakes up in bed with you the next day.

“… smells good.”

According to research published in the journal Psychological Science, men are attracted to a woman’s natural body smell. That, however, doesn’t mean that you can go commando and not shower for three days straight. Instead, use a light body soap to complement your natural scent rather than douching yourself in expensive perfume.

“… takes her time.”

While a quickie is fun from time to time, men don’t neccessarily like express romps just because it’s a work day tomorrow and you’ve got to get your beauty sleep. The Kinsey Institute Sexual Health Educator Dr Debby Herbenick says, “Spaces between sex makes us want it more — craving it to the point where our body aches to be touched.” So put on some Barry White, dim the lights and start with kisses rather than jumping him the moment he opens the door.

“… just tell me what she wants.”

Even rocket scientists would have problems gauging what it is that turns a woman on or off. As psychotherapist Merle James Yost says in his article Bed Death: Sexless Relationship, “Sex, at its most basic, is a form of communication.” If he’s doing it right, make some noise and if he isn’t, just lead the way and show him what you like so he won’t need to spend the entire time guessing.

“… takes control.”

A lot of women leave it to the man to do all the work in bed. He initiates, he’s on top and he needs to make sure you reach that ‘O’. So it’s quite surprising when a woman, rather than being coy about it, says outright that she wants some bedroom action, takes charge of it and lets her man take the backseat for once.

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