5 Sex Positions When You’re Too Tired For Anything Else

Believe us, we get it. Busy schedules, heavy workloads and never-ending deadlines are some of the reasons you can’t seem to get into the mood and have fun. But one of the main things about sex is that the satisfaction it brings isn’t just physical– it also affects your mental and emotional health, in a good way!

When you make love, your body releases oxytocin, a type of hormone that is released during and after sex and which helps you calm down. Serotonin is also released in the process and works as a key antidepressant, making you feel happy and relaxed right after, explains Dr Martha Lee, sexologist at Eros Coaching in Singapore.

But what do you do if you’re just too tired to do it? Don’t worry, as with anything else, there’s a hack for that. Sex therapist Vanessa Marin suggests you try these positions when you’re feeling tired or lazy after a long day to feel re-energised again!

1. Side-by-Side

Also known as the lazy lovemaking position, this is the ideal way to have a deep conversation and talk about things while you get some action. Lie down facing each other to do this move.


2. Face-to-Face

One of the key pointers in any relationship is learning how to work as a team and reach orgasm at the same time. To nail this, lie on the bed with him and both of you should try to move together.


3. Lotus

Proper breathing is crucial for an orgasm as it improves blood circulation and enhances your senses. This position requires the guy to sit with his legs crossed on the bed or floor and as you sit on his lap, you’ll wrap your legs around his waist.

4. Sofa Straddle

This position is ideal when you want to get the ball rolling! The sexy cuddle eases the tensed muscles before you go all out. Get him to sit on the sofa and facing him, bring yourself to sit on his lap with your knees bent on the sides.


5. Mutual Masturbation

This is the easiest way if both of you are tired. Be in any position you’re comfortable in and use your hands to turn him on. It’s also the best way to have some fun while both of you chill and watch a movie

From the print edition. Original text by Vasenta Selvanayagam.