5 Relationship Mistakes To Watch Out For If You Struggle With Dating Anxiety

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Whether you’re simply working in your office, hanging out with friends or attending a social event, an anxiety disorder can make life feel more difficult than it usually is. If you often have worry thoughts or feelings of tension, putting yourself out in the dating field and meeting someone new can feel like an almost impossible mission.

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For someone who suffers from anxiety attacks, it’s perfectly normal to feel very insecure in a relationship, to need some space from the crowd when you’re feeling overwhelmed or to put on a passive-aggressive attitude as your defense mechanism. Before you feel that nothing works to calm your nerves down, it’s always helpful to acknowledge the problem and identify how it’s affecting or influencing the way you act.

If you find that your relationship is sailing towards a bad direction, try avoiding these five anxiety-related mistakes you’re not aware you’re making to have a healthier relationship with your partner.

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