5 Reasons Why He Loved You And Left You

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3. Good Times Aren’t Forever

Anna* and her ex-boyfriend had been living together for four years and she felt totally comfortable in the relationship. “He left because he was afraid of what I was becoming– relaxed and comfortable in our relationship. He on the other hand, expected me to ‘maintain’ myself in the same way I had from day one of our relationship.”

Newsflash, Anna’s ex-boyfriend: excitement and love in a relationship has very little to do with how your partner looks.

We all know that the honeymoon years of a relationship don’t last. Once the electricity fades and the butterflies wither away, couples are left with the cold, hard, and often mundane reality of life. There’s rarely any more sweeping each other of your feet or hearts skipping a beat when the courtship is over and you’ve grown used to each other.

Some couples embrace this change with open arms and grow into a loving partnership ready to face life’s challenges and boredom together, but other less mature or less compatible couples might not accept the loss of the honeymoon and continue to seek those exciting sparks. And if your relationship isn’t providing it for your man, he’s going to go looking for it elsewhere.

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