5 Reasons Why He Loved You And Left You

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2. They’re Still Playing The Field

Other men like to be the envy of their friends, whether it’s owning the most expensive car or holding the highest paying job. So it’s no surprise that some more chauvinistic sorts might feel that their choice of women . The more his girlfriend makes his friends drool, the prouder he is of her. Gross. But this means he’s constantly wondering if the woman in his life is really the best he can do.

Every man’s criteria of the ‘right woman’ is very different. There’s a chance he just wrote you off because he felt he could do better than you at that point in time– regardless of how you felt about him. As petty and selfish as it sounds, to him it could be a very real and valid reason for ending the relationship.

“My best friend was dating a wonderful woman. But every time we went out, he’d constantly talk about other girls he had met. He claimed to be in love with his girlfriend, but sometimes wondered what it would be like to be with someone else,” says Karen*.

And that’s not the kind of guy you want to stay with anyway.

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