5 Reasons Why He Loved You And Left You

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There’s nothing worse than a breakup that comes out of nowhere, especially when it felt like everything was perfect right before! If you’ve ever been blindsided by an unexpected breakup, read on.

Perhaps it felt like he really liked you. Maybe it even felt as though there was a bright future ahead. But then out of the blue, he announces that the relationship’s over and he wants out. Ask anyone and they probably have experienced a breakup that left them in a state of surprise and bewilderment. Here are five absurd, but very real, reasons why men leave you high and dry.

Spoiler alert: you’d be better off without them anyway.

1. It Isn’t The Right Time

You  may get serious about your guy when you feel that he’s truly The One or your #otherhalf. Some men, on the other hand, jut settle down with whoever they happen to be dating at the point in time when they feel ready to settle down– which is usually when every other aspect of his life has been sorted out, whether it’s finishing university, earning a good wage, or when he’s the last one out of his friends to do so.

Unfortunately, if you’re with this kind of man and you don’t catch him at this ideal marriage stage, then the possibilty of him leaving you is sadly high. Basically, he’s having you play second fiddle to the rest of his life, and it’s up to you to decide if you’re okay with that or not.

Linda* was with Patrick* for three years and could never get him to commit. She gave him an ultimatum: marry her within a year, or end the relationship. He beat her to the punch and ended the relationship. A year later, after dating his new girlfriend for only 10 months, Linda* hears he’s getting married! “I asked him why he had chosen her and not me. He said when I had asked him to marry me, he felt he wasn’t financially ready, but two months after he began dating his new girlfriend, he got a promotion and felt ready for the next step,” she said.

If you hear this, don’t waste any more tears on a man who lets his life circumstances rather than the woman he’s with dictate who he marries. 

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