5 Key Things To Consider To Have A Good Relationship And Career

We all love a great love story! Hannah Lo narrates how she views a person’s career and what it takes to be on top of the game.

“Love stories are great because they remind us of our desire to experience love that is deep, fulfilling and life-changing. Our love stories need not be limited to our romantic relationships but extended to the rest of our lives, including our careers.

“I believe most, if not all of us, want to be seen, heard and felt. The how is what makes us individual and unique. In our relationships, essentially, we embark on a journey to experience these three ‘feeling’ states. How many times have you caught yourself attempting to be heard in an argument? Can you recall being excited the first time you felt as desirable, or wanting to feel appreciated for your qualities as a loving, caring person?

“We face those same core desires in our careers too. We want to be seen for what makes us unique, heard for what we have to say, and for people to appreciate what we have created. My personal opinion is that the most powerful and fulfilling relationships are built on Connection, Respect, Responsibility, Growth, Love, and Commitment. I love using this same philosophy for my own career.”

Here are the 5 things to consider to built good relationship and career.

1. Connection

Connection happens when you are willing to be vulnerable; when you let your guard down, so you can be fully seen for who you are. Careerwise, it is being authentic in your creative endeavours, honest about where you are and by having the courage to be fully ‘seen’ for work that reveals who you are.

2. Respect

Partnerships break down when a person feels unheard, not respected and not valued. This is no different in a job or career. If you don’t feel valued, respected or appreciated for the work you do, eventually you’ll break down.

3. Responsibility

It’s easy to blame our partners when things go wrong or when we don’t get what we want. However, unless we take responsibility for our part, we remain powerless. When a business venture fails or if we’re unhappy in our jobs, it requires us to look deeper into where we are responsible for the current situation so that we can change it.

4. Growth

Growth is a beautiful and unavoidable part of life. Both relationships and careers need expansion and change in order to flourish.

5. Love & Commitment

Without love, there is no trues inspiration for commitment. When there’s love and commitment, there’s a drive to see things through, no matter what happens in our relationships and careers. And when we focus on what we love, the world cannot help but bring us more of the same.


Taken from print issue. Text by Hannah Lo.

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