4 Women Share How They Found True Love While Travelling

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Adriana Thani, 29, and Daniel Lee Caldwell, 36

“If I’d walked into that restaurant in Patong, Phuket, 10 minutes later or gone to another place, Daniel and I would have never met,” says Adriana. The mother of two, writer, speaker and blogger went through a bad divorce in 2010 but has always held her chin up and remained confident of finding the true love of her life.

In 2013, Adriana and her friend, Suri, were on a holiday in Phuket when they decided to grab lunch. Despite heavy rain, they walked to Number 6 Restaurant and found themselves getting seated beside Daniel and his friend, Trung.

“Trung started the conversation by asking us if there were any good tours in the area, which until today, I think is the worst pick-up line ever! We hit it off as a group, went for dinner and afterwards, a walk on the beach.” Adriana and Daniel got to know each other better over the next few days and decided to try a long-distance relationship.

Two years since that first meeting, the couple has been married for seven months now. “We came into each other’s lives at the exact time and the kids have played an important role in our relationship. Their bond with Daniel is very precious to me. They can’t sleep without saying goodnight to him – that’s how attached they’ve become,” says Adriana.

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