4 Sex Positions That Tone Up Your Body

Why spend so much money on gym membership when you can work up a sweat in the bedroom?

Sex isn’t only for reaching the big O. While certain sex positions boost your sexual satisfaction, they will also help you work on your fitness! So you say time isn’t on your side when it comes to hitting the treadmill after work or during the weekends? Well, sex-ercise is your best excuse as we’ve listed down all the right moves to work your muscle groups; try out with your man!

The bridge

Think hot and sweaty plus mind-blowing orgasm when it comes to the bridge! While facing your man, lift yourself on all four limps (yes, it’s tricky but worth it) and achieve stability by using your bodyweight. This position is meant to tone up your butt, thigh, biceps, triceps, abs, glutes and quads. It’s the real deal in fitness and pleasure!

Cow girl

If you’re looking to tone up your behind, legs and quads then this position should be your go-to. While it allows you to take control of him and the move, you’re also in charge of the pleasure and fitness meters as you ride him! There are many ways you can work out when you’re on top to engage your lowers abs and pelvic muscles; move back and forth (great way to reach orgasm too!) or modify the position for a more intense workout by squatting on your feet and moving up and down. Soon enough you’ll start sweating and feel the burning sensation.


One of hardest of the bunch, this requires a lot of strength and lifting from your man and yourself but is still pleasurable for the both of you. Wrap your legs around his waist to work on your core and thigh muscles as you move against each other.


Little did we know that the most common sex position also provides a pretty good workout for your body, but it’s probably cos he’s the one doing most of the work here. However, if you do it right, this position will work your core muscles and glutes! While he thrusts towards you, match the rhythm and squeeze your bum to give yourself a good glute workout.


Source: Durex.co.uk Photo: ING Image Gif: GIPHY


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