14 Relationship Advice From Malaysian Mums

Mothers know best – so we turned to some of them for their nuggets on dating and romance.

These mums made us crack up with their sense of humour:

Watch the clock, ladies!


“Earn your own money first, but get married and have kids before you’re 30 – you’re not going to be fertile forever.” – Kim*

Savings anyone?

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“You can elope with your boyfriend – it’s easier for me because I don’t have to pay for your wedding!” – Vijaya*

Hands off (or at least use protection)!

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“You can do anything you want – just don’t get pregnant (or make someone else pregnant) before you say ‘I do’!” –Emiliya

Let it rip

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“Does he have a snoring or farting problem? Bear with it; after all, you’d eventually want someone who accepts all of you, including any unattractive sounds and smells you make yourself!” – Dina

Stamp of approval

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“If he wants to date you, he has to go through me and your dad first – and he better come in his own car!” – Adeline*

Fear the future

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“You need to calm down sometimes because the fights you’re both having are silly. Wait till you get married, then you’ll know what a real fight is!” – Nurlina

The golden rule

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“Please find a man with an introverted family. I’ll bury you alive if I’ve to have tea with your mother-in-law!” – Harriet

…while these left us deep in thought:

Know your limits


“Don’t abuse your freedom. Know how to differentiate right from wrong and don’t overstep boundaries – both your partner’s and yours.” – Saro

No rush

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“It takes years to get to know a person so always, always take your time in relationships.” – Florence*

Respect your relationship

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“Honour the commitment you’ve made to each other. When you’re busy with married life and children, mutual love and respect become the glue that will hold your relationship together.” – Jennifer

He needs priorities

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“Find a man who can take care of himself first before he can take care of you. A man who can set life goals will be a man who knows how to love you.” – Sofia*

Don’t fall too soon


“Romance is something that’s hard to control. Even though you can be successful in other areas of life, failing in love can hurt very much. Therefore, don’t put all your hopes on one person; be willing to wait for the right one to come along.” – Karen

Do what is right

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“Always remember the universal values your parents, teachers and elders taught you. Never do anything you become ashamed of or won’t be proud of in your relationship.” – Rina*

Always speak the truth

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“Never hide anything from your partner – be loyal and practise open communication, because trust is absolutely necessary in a relationship.” – Mahes

Do you have a funny or useful advice from YOUR mum which you hold dear to your heart? Share with us and we might feature them in our next issue! In the meantime…


*Some names have been changed to protect the privacy of the subjects. 

Compiled by: Debra Wong