An Open Letter To Everyone Who Has Ever Thought They Weren’t Beautiful Enough

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In a world where everyone is judged for the way they look, 21-year-old Evita Delmundo shares her first-hand experience on why it is important to be beautiful in your own way.

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“Being beautiful doesn’t mean you need to be perfect. To me, it’s how a person embraces their uniqueness that defines their beauty. Here’s my story. I was born with moles from top to toe. Many people called it a God’s gift. Upon seeing a skin specialist, I found out that although the moles were harmless, it wasn’t removable because of the fear that it would develop into cancer.

My childhood was spent without a best friend, without company for study groups or classmates to go to recess with. Those primary school years were the loneliest I’ve ever felt because everyone was scared to approach me thinking that the moles on my body were a contagious disease. Even after telling them multiple times that it isn’t something to worry about, they still didn’t believe me and yet, continued to mock me.

I remember wearing long clothes to cover up my body whenever I was out with my parents. I remember people asking my mother if she broke a taboo or had been cursed when I was in her womb. I remember her trying to hide the look of hurt and uneasiness on her face to put up a strong front while answering those questions in front of me. I remember feeling like I shouldn’t be treated like this.

My mother was a teacher at the high school I was at, so that definitely helped eased the bullying. Though I felt safer, I still lacked confidence and was always shy. Time passed and I slowly learnt to believe in myself – that I too am beautiful like all the other girls. I started dressing in shorts and off shoulder tops because I finally realised that I didn’t need to hide anymore. I accepted my condition and learnt to live my own life despite strangers judging me and always feeling like I was unwanted in this world. I choose to not allow these negative thoughts drag me down because I knew that I’m strong enough to stand up and prove to everyone that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

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