Check Out Malaysian Model Sheena Liam’s Secret Talent

We’ve heard about models turning mogul, but what about something a little more artistic? 

When we think of models, we always imagine them walking the runways, going for red-carpet events, and exclusive parties to attend. It’s a glamorous life, isn’t it? But one model has is turning our expectations on its head and that is none other than our very own Sheena Liam, an international model working in Los Angeles, Paris and London with an unconventional past time: embroidery (yup, you read that right)!

Sheena started dabbling into embroidery just two years ago and has been incorporating her minimalist threaded style into her designs ever since. She mainly works off pictures of herself, creating delicate fine works of embroidery which you can see on her other Instagram account dedicated to her masterpieces, @ _____ism. After creating a rough sketch, she fine tunes it and transfers it onto canvas so she can begin stitching. Whether it’s a portrait, double braids or a top knot, every piece has its own uniqueness.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of her artworks below.


First one of 2017. #embroidery #embroideryart

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Up on @_______ism #embroidery #embroideryhoop #embroideryart #handembroidery

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Source: Martha Steward Living