The Perfect Way To Burn A Scented Candle, According To Diptyque

A scented candle is one of the easiest ways to add ambiance and a gorgeous aroma to a room. And when you’re done with your candle, the empty jar makes a pretty Instagram-worthy addition to your bathroom cabinet or vanity! The only problem is what comes in the middle.

Once you start burning a candle, it will never look as pristine as it did when you first bought it… right? Wrong! There’s actually a way to avoid the unsightly blackening and tunneling that ruins the look of a burnt scented candle.

At the launch of Diptyque’s Valentine’s Collection, I got a primer on how burn a candle properly to make the most of keep it looking as good as new!

1. Keep It Looking Good

You don’t need to burn a candle for a long time to release its scent. But the first time you burn a candle, let it burn for at least 2 to 3 hours, or at least until the wax on the surface completely melts into a pool. Tunneling is caused when the inner center of the candle closest to the flame melts faster than the outer ring and doesn’t sest properly. When you let the entire surface melt, the wax will set again in a nice even layer, closer to what it looked like before you burnt it.

2. Keep It Clean

The unsightly black soot smudges can ruin the look of a candle, but thankfully it’s easy to avoid: just make sure you trim the wick of your candle when you’re done burning it. Snip off around 3-5mm of the wick with a wick trimmer or small pair of scissors or nail clippers, and your candle will burn much cleaner next time without leaving soot marks behind.

Did you know? Not all Diptyque candles are made the same. Diptyque design their wicks and candles to burn differently based on scent to make the most of the individual scent of each candle!

3. Keep It Smelling Good

After you’ve burnt your candle, don’t ruin the scent in your room by blowing out your candle! Extinguishing a flame this way causes smoke to escape into the air and overpower the beautiful scent– think about how it smells after you blow out your birthday candles. That’s not what you want with your precious scented candle. Instead, extinguish the flame with a candle snuffer that will create the least amount of smoke possible.

Take care of your candles this way, and you’ll get even more hours and enjoyment out of them!