How And Why You Should Paint A Room Pink

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Pink is a happy colour!

Choosing a colour to paint your wall is a pretty big deal. We’re here to make a case for an underrated colour – pink!

Despite enjoying a trendy comeback in the form of millennial pink and rose gold everything, pink isn’t a very conventional colour choice when it comes to interior designing. Many people think of pink as a sweet, cotton candy-like colour that only suits a girl’s room, associated with qualities such as tenderness, politeness, sensitivity, softness and many other feminine traits. As a result, most men want to distance themselves from a colour that seems stereotypically unmasculine. But pink can make a boring room come to life! (And stereotyped gender norms are for losers, anyway.)

So, Dulux is here to help you find your inspirationat choosing different shades of pink for your home. Here are some ideas to inspire your next home makeover! ​

1. For a heart-warming feel: Red & Pink

Red can be a very common choice when designing homes. The brightness of this colour is capable of lighting up the house with an energetic vibe. To tone it down, use a touch of pink! The lighter shade lends a warmer and more inviting feel to the room, rather than just pure, bold red on the walls. So if you’re the kind of person who loves warm, vivacious colours, try this combination!

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