6 Women On Why Life Begins At 30!

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Going through massive anxiety as your 30th birthday draws near? Here’s what six women who were born in 1988 from across the globe revealed about their turning 30 experience.

1. Vasenta Selvanayagam, Features & Lifestyle Editor, FEMALE Malaysia 

“In a nutshell, my life isn’t very much different from everyone else’s. My day-to day routine revolves around work and on some days, I enjoy having a couple of beers in the evening with my girlfriends. My weekends are usually spent outside the house. I’m either cafe hopping, reading a book, hanging out at a bar or sitting at home and motivating myself. I have no regrets about all the random decisions I’ve made throughout my 20s (believe it or not, these decisions are the type where I wake up one morning and tell myself, yes, it’s about time!)

I’m proud of myself for breaking away from a toxic relationship that I survived for eight years, which made me realise the true qualities I want in a life partner and to settle for nothing less, choosing to stay back in Malaysia and away from my family who moved to the USA (this taught me how to be completely independent) and I’ve managed to control my epilepsy without medication for a good decade now. However, my seizures decided to make a special appearance in my life again this year, which turned out to be my biggest struggle. I guess like all other things in life, it’s time for me to find a different alternative to reduce the attacks instead of bowing down to medication which will ultimately limit the things I can do. I truly appreciate my freedom and thus, I’m not open to the idea of consuming any type of drug that will control my emotions, sleep and appetite in any way.

Through my ups and downs, I’m proud to be that competitive and stubborn person that I am today. Moving forward, I envision my 30s to be filled with loads of adventures! One thing’s for sure: I want to be financially comfortable so that I can travel to more places, meet interesting people and learn new things along the way. And of course, I’m never going to stop challenging myself to be better. I’m also very curious to see where life leads me in the next 10 years.”

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