6 Easy Ways to De-clutter Your Space

One of the ways to kick off the new year!

As time goes by there will be certain areas in your house that will simply catch your attention. A sight of it every day slowly manifests into an urge to sort it out ASAP, even if it’s just a minor clutter. You finally cave in, but where should you start?


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First thing’s first

The space we’re talking right now isn’t the desired end result; it’ll be your sitting area while you sort out through your items. Count it as a mini base camp to your cleaning mission. It’s ideal to have a rubbish bag next to you so that you’ll be able to sort out your things without getting up from your comfy spot.


My way

Most people may recommend others to separate their spring cleaning findings into three separate categories: Keep, throw and sell/donate. In a more unique method, Japanese spring cleaning expert Marie Kondo recommends her clients to take their time to ‘feel’ one item at a time before taking the next step. According to Marie, an item that gives out a positive vibe or joy towards the individual should be kept. Like most things in life, cleaning methods are pretty subjective and it all depends on how the person does her work. Follow the one that works with you the most, even if you wind up creating your own technique at the end.


Tackle one area at a time

You can’t deny that de-cluttering does consume time. With the holiday season behind us, everyone’s back to their daily schedule, which is another indicator for lack of free time. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a race though. Take half of a day in a weekend to sort out one or two corners of the room instead of the entire space. The minor changes throughout the entire cleaning period will bring a difference after every session. Eventually, you’ll reach your goal.


Kill em off

Sometimes these bed bugs or ticks may use your spring cleaning time to come out and irritate you. Don’t let them get in the way. If this happens get yourself a disinfectant spray. Bonus points if you manage to snag yourself a scented disinfectant spray.


Should I chuck it out?

Chucking away everything would be unrealistic. At the end of a cleaning session, you’ll surely keep a few items behind. Spring cleaning isn’t all about throwing everything in sight, it’s involves building up your reorganising skills as well. In most cases, not many people would have the heart of throwing away their sentimental belongings. As Marie Kondo has mentioned, keep the item if it brings you joy. Not everything has to end up in the rubbish bin. But if it doesn’t, it means it has to go! For those who are confused, take a photo of the said item instead (eg: Scanning a page of your old doodle). You’ll be able to preserve the memories without taking much physical space.


Treat yourself

Well done. You’re probably aware of the fact that the self reward system is a good motivator booster. Chill out with your friends or catch up on your favourite show. You deserve some ‘me time’ after all that cleaning up!


Written by Nadrah Ahmad Kamal

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