Why Your Bathroom Is The Best Place To Put Your Plants

Why you should start putting plants in your bathrooms.

Have you heard of the shower plant trend? I recently did and now I’m wondering why I haven’t tried it earlier!

Photo: Homedit

Besides looking absolutely gorgeous (that touch of green and life can instantly brighten up a boring bathroom), it also makes perfect logical sense that your bathroom is the perfect spot for a few plants.

Think rainforest!  Firstly, the natural humidity in your shower means your plants won’t dry out, and they’ll absorb the excess moisture in the air, preventing the growth mould and mildew. And if the plants need extra water, you can easily water them while you’re showering or getting ready and such. Besides that, certain plants can even purify the air. Just be sure your bathroom gets a bit of sunlight, which most do anyway.

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A clean and beautiful living bathroom? Sign me up! And all it takes is a few plants. Pick those that thrive in low light and humid environments such as aloe vera, bamboo, snake plants, spider plants, pothos, sansevieria and the like. Even orchids can thrive in a bathroom because of their love of humidity!

Photo: Homeedit

So for a touch of tropical luxe, place a few plants on your sink countertop, on a windowsill, in a pot in the corner or on a shelf. You can even get hanging planters and hang them from the ceiling or wall! Check out our favourite shower plant inspo below:

Photo: Planterra
Creepers like these Pothos plants on the windowsill look amazing!

Photo: Pinterest
Line them up in pots for a mini garden in your own bathroom.

Photo: Homeedit
Under the sink is a great place for Sansevieria, and also helps hide unsightly pipes.

Photo: Planterra
That touch of green totally makes the room.

Photo: Pinterest
You can even install a simple rustic wood shelf for your plants!

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