Why Queues For Women’s Toilets Are Longer Than Men’s, According To Science

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If you’re a woman, then you’ve definitely experienced the frustration of standing in a long, slow-moving queue for the toilets while watching men quickly go in and out of theirs. And you’ve likely had the same conversation with others in that queue – “Jeez, why does it always take so long!”

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Women spend more time in a cubicle than men, mostly for biological reasons. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Women are more likely than men to wash their hands and to use the hand dryer. So that’s a reason for more women in the general toilet area. But what about the cubicles? Studies show men take an average of 60 seconds in a toilet and women take 90 seconds – that’s 50% longer. If there are the same number of toilets for males and females, this will result in a bottleneck, backing up the flow in and out of the facilities.

Here are some of the reasons women need longer in a cubicle than men.

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