Watch: Women Get Real About Being Fat

Power to these women!

Photography: Youtube

Photography: Youtube

We’re definitely seeing more and more women embracing their different body shapes and also a growing number of media platforms portraying a more diverse cast for their projects. That’s a good thing! The guys at The Scene gathered fashion bloggers – Sarah Conley (StyleIt), Margie Ashcroft (MargiePlus), Kelly Augustine (Kelly Augustine) and Kristina Uriegas-Reyes (Twee Valley High) – in a snappy-full-of-sass video to reveal 7 truth and reality about what it means to be plus size.

The word ‘fat’, according to Sarah Conley, could be used or seen as a weapon which she would use sometimes too. “Sometimes I say it and people would visibly jump. But it is what I am…I have a mirror, I’m not an idiot”, she said, adding that it doesn’t mean she’s less of a person for it.

Besides that, these fashion bloggers also point out that being in their skin isn’t a cry for help. “The misconception is that because you’re plus size, you need to be told how to live your life, what to do, how to live, how to be, how to feel…because something’s not right,” explained Margie in the clip.

It’s really high time for all of us to shine together and acknowledge the fact that what you see as perfect (read a size two)  isn’t what others see too.

Check out the other 5 points they want others to know about their weight in the video clip below:

Source: Huffington Post

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