WATCH: Busting Myths & Getting The Facts Right About Your Period

They are totally true and not exaggerated *wink wink*.

Are you tired of all the myths going round about  your period? Well, it’s about time everyone (read: men) knows the truth about ‘that time of the month’ cos we really don’t have demons living inside us. Promise!

The hilarious ladies at College Humor are here to cover all the FACTS that you need to know (with no exaggerations, well maybe…) to busting myths of period sex and losing your virginity by wearing tampons. The truth is, yes, you can have sex during your period, and no, you don’t ‘pop your cherry’ with a soft long material; that thing is actually used for absorbing menstrual blood.

And seriously, it’s perfectly normal for a woman to menstruate on a monthly basis, just with the slight side effects of grumpiness and getting a little emotional on some days.

Check out the full video below yourself!

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