Eyeing A K-pop Idol’s Figure? Look No Further…

It’s all hard work and no play!


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Getting that perfect S-line (curvy shape) or X-line (hourglass shape) are most women’s dream, and the South Korean idols and actresses surely made it seem so easy. But in reality their workout regime is anything but that. To get that “perfect” body, the girls have to go through intense workout sessions to build up their strength and work their cores. From doing squats to weighlifting, we’ve gathered five workout drills done by the stars themselves.

1. SNSD / Girls’ Generation – 5:3:2

Wanna get SNSD’s toned and lean legs? Follow the 5:3:2 leg workout routine. The ratio in the regime tells you the ideal size of a slim leg –  5 (the thickest number for your thighs), 3 (the thickest number for your calves) and 2 (the thinnest part of your ankle). With these 6 steps, you’re going to stimulate your entire lower body (inner thighs, ankles, back of your calves, pelvis and glutes). Click on the video to start!


2. Kang Jiyoung – Weight Abs

Take your sit-ups to another level by including weights! The former youngest member of the K-pop group KARA, Kang Jiyoung doesn’t just have a youthful face but rocks a killer bod as well. Work your core muscles with 15 sit-ups for intermediate level, followed by 10 regular ones. You can definitely start slow with 8 counts and work your way up.


3. Min and Irene’s – Sexy Back

With the help of South Korean Actor Lee Hoon (Here Comes Love), Miss A’s Min and international model and host, Irene Kim find out how to bring the sexy back! The girls were introduced to 1) Hip-Up, which strengthens the neck, back and hip line 2) the Side Crunch for that svelte waist, and 3) Alternating Squats which is a mix of lunges and squats. Check out their funny attempt!


4. SISTAR’s Soyou – Whole body workout

Soyou talks a lot about her strength training which shapes her body more than cardio exercises do. The songstress believes that one needs to work their whole body to get their ideal body shape. Her training includes deadlifts, free-weight exercises and kettlebell workouts. Level: intermediate! Determination: 100%.


5. Kim Jung Min – Angel Fit

The 27-year-old  actress revealed three exercises to get her hard rock abs. Besides the common routines such as squats for a better figure (especially your tooch!), all you need to remember during the routines is to hold in the core, upper, middle and lower abdomen for the full effect. Her exercises can easily be done at home, so there are really no excuses for not exercising!


Sources: soompi.com, kpopstarz.com

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