Top 7 Yoga Studios You Can Sign Up For on KFIT

Namaste! Please sit in a comfortable position as we take you to seven cool spaces to stretch and hold poses.

Hot Yo2

Photo: Hot Yo Studio @ Kfit

The thing I like most about KFIT versus a regular gym or studio membership is the fact that I get a variety of workout options and places to go to. But time and time again, I find myself ticking the ‘yoga & pilates’ filter every time I’m about to reserve a class. And after a year of being on this one-access fitness passport, hopping from one yoga studio to another every month, I’ve found my personal favourites – some of which I never fail to miss a slot at! So, here are my top seven (in no particular order):


1. Urban Spring

Urban Spring

Photo: Kfit

Whenever I’m craving for a super-sweaty session, this is my go-to spot to get drenched, literally. If like me, you find it hard to sweat even when you work out in room temperature, Urban Spring’s heated room will ensure your body perspires – just 10 minutes in! Plus, it has various ‘hot’ classes, from signature ‘hot pilates classic’ to a more targeted ‘hot pilates sculpt’.

Visits per month: 2


2. Yoga Craze

Yoga Craze

Photo: Kfit

This is where I usually get rid of my Monday blues. Though it’s less commercialised (no prominent sign boards, almost like a speakeasy studio), I like how the class is never too big and the instructor-cum-founder gives equal attention to all her students, guiding us with encouraging words and adjusting our poses whenever necessary. Inversions are also practised at the end of almost every session!

Visits per month: 2


3. Hot Yo Studio

Hot Yo

Photo: Kfit

In my book, this is the prettiest, most Insta-worthy studio. Its interior whispers oh-so chic, and comprises minimalistic elements and designs in a black-and-white palette. In terms of classes, while it initially only offered a generic hot yoga session in a room heated to 38-degrees Celsius, Hot Yo has now diversified to gro-prow, flo and slo classes, among others.

Visits per month: 2


4. Organica Lifestyle


Photo: Kfit

If you’re looking for a yoga and brunch fix in one place, this is it. It’s a comfy home studio that has recently relocated to Lorong Maarof in Bangsar as of May. Besides its well-balanced mix of yoga classes (Vinyasa Vibes on weeknights is highly recommended!), the menu is worth checking out too for healthy eats that taste just as good as the real deal, minus the guilt. Quinoa lemak anyone?

Bonus! Look out for Sir Waffles, Organica’s adorable, in-house pup!

Visits per month: 2


5. Yoga One That I Want (YOTIW) Studios


Photo: Kfit

Founded by local artiste, Atilia Haron, YOTIW probably has the most number of branches around town. In addition to its HQ studio in Damansara Perdana and other outlets, including Shah Alam, [email protected] and the latest in TTDI, it also has partners such as #yogabythepool in Bangsar, Fuel Athletics, The After School and Our Body Space, thus making yoga available to more people.

Visits per month: 3


6. LavaBody FIR Hot Yoga

Lavabody FIR Hot Yoga

Photo: Kfit

Aptly dubbed the ‘hot lava cave’, most of its yoga classes utilise specialised heating panels embedded in the room that emit Far-Infrared (FIR) heat rays and negative ions. This, in turn, generates a natural antioxidant environment that helps maximise your yoga practice. If you’re up for a challenge, feel free to take on its 90-minute hot class.

Visits per month: 1


7. Be Urban Wellness

Be (yoga)

Photo: Kfit

This gym-cum-studio sure knows how to make a good first impression. The moment you step into its reception area, you’ll be welcomed by a beautiful feature wall adorned with an all-white, floral 3D appliqué. The yoga studio echoes a calming vibe and the relatively small class makes the experience feel holistic too. If you have time to spare post-class, check out the view from the poolside deck.

Visits per month: 2


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