P’sang’s Buttercup Condoms Want To Solve All Your Condom Issues

Thanks to this local startup, carrying (and using) a condom with you is about to get so much easier and discreet!

With the aim to revolutionize the condom industry in Malaysia, the team at P’sang claims to be the first in the country to utilise its unique buttercup packaging design for its products. What’s that, you ask? All condoms made by P’sang are packaged in a pod-like capsule that’s similar to those little pods of butter you can find in restaurants and hotels, making it slim and discreet.

In fact, discreetness isn’t the only upside: this way of packaging the product also helps users solve the problem of condom failures caused by wearing it the wrong way up. Not only is the pod easy to open in the dark with just one hand, but you’ll always get the correct side up as well! How useful is that!

Currently, the brand has five different types of products: Ori, Zero, 1+1+1, Bubblegum and Asian Fit. Whether you’re looking for a hyper-thin condom or one that maximises pleasure in the bedroom, you can be sure to find a suitable type from P’sang. Not to mention, the brand also has an Asian Fit condom that’s specially sized to give closer fit!

In an interview with Vulcan Post, the team revealed that they’ll be launching a selection of flavours such as Brazilian coffee, champagne, apple and more from time to time. What’s surprising is that the team actually conducts blind taste tests where they put samples of the products in their mouth while blindfolded for tasting to make sure they meet every requirement! Will they ever be as adventurous as teh tarik and nasi lemak? Only time will tell.

For now, P’sang condoms are available to purchase online and all their packaging are highly discreet with no brand name and label to prevent anyone from knowing what you’ve bought. Would you be ordering a box?

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