The New Fitbit Ionic Allows You To Watch Your Body Goals Come True!

It’s time to get in shape – get your Fitbit on!

This comes from the brand that brings us beautiful watches that not only complement our outfits, but also helps us to get into out fittest forms. Imagine getting the best of both worlds – fashion AND fitness!

The new Ionic. Photo credit: Fitbit

Different colours and straps to match your style. Photo credit: Fitbit

Previously Fitbit has debuted cool, pro-fitness watches like the Alta, Alta HR and Blaze– now with the new Ionic, the previous amazing features are retained – with new features added, of course! All the trackers and watches by Fitbit keeps score on your steps, distance and calories burned, sleeping hours, and they are capable of prompting us with reminders to keep us moving (yes, they’ll know if we sit around all day without doing any exercise) but the Ionic is the only one with the dynamic personal coaching option. Yay to receiving step-by-step instructions by the “coach” on your wrist! A plus point for procrastinators, obviously, since this will give you no excuse but to get up and work out. It’s capable of tracking runs, swims, climbs; all with accurate pace and distance counts. Did we also mention that you can receive your calls and texts from your wrist too now? Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, along with many other apps you can get on your phone also works excellently with The Ionic– cos besides getting fit, getting updated is pretty important too.

Intense (or beginner-stage) working out powers better with music. The Ionic is a star in this case since it can store more than 300 songs on device so you can rock on to Katy Perry and DNCE while training on the treadmill. This smart watch also lives up to five days on a single charge, so fitness tracking goes flawlessly. Take home the super cool Ionic today at RM 1399, you know won’t regret it.

P/s, The new Ionic is not the only new addition to the Fitbit family. It was debuted along with Flyer, their new wireless fitness headphones (that are sweatproof AND fits nicely in our ears) as well as the Aria 2, the Wifi smart scale that does more than just show our weight – it can tell us our BMI and body fat percentage and helps us keep track on the trends so we can stay fit all the time. Why stop at Ionic when you can have earphones and a scale to match, right?

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