Your Handwriting Can Reveal the Truth about You and Your Health!

Did you know that surprising trivia unveils through your everyday handwritings?

Photography: Tumblr

Scribble, cursive, big or tiny – every drawn lines and curves you write have a meaning to you as an individual. We know the basic characterisations like writing in big letters means you’re an extrovert while smaller writing leans to being an introvert. But did you know, your handwriting can tell you about possible health issues? Yes, if you happen to write in non-uniform slants be it in a sentence or in the same word, you could have mental illness like depression or schizophrenia (yikes!). It’s a sign that you’re detached from reality, according to

Okay, so before you continue reading about it in this compact infographic, courtesy of National Pens Company, go ahead and write out this sentence: She Sells Seashells on the Seashore, both in cursive and in your normal hand writing so you can refer to it to analyse your writing.


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