FEMALE Tries: KL’S Original Booty Band Bootcamp

There’s nothing better to keeping your blood pumping and mind alert than an intense workout to awaken the body.

Maybe you’ve been told to lose weight, or that you’re not putting in enough effort in your physical appearance, but those comments shouldn’t determine what you can and can’t achieve. If you’ve been telling yourself since the New Year to hit the gym more often to stay healthy and fit but have yet taken any actions, now is still not too late to start.

In a bid to celebrate powerful attitude among women, Lorna Jane and Believe Active held a fitness event celebration Defying Gravity last Saturday to remind everyone to start deflecting negativities. As the event took place at Epique Fitness, we had the chance to try out the centre’s Triple B – Booty Band Bootcamp.

Coined as the original booty band class in Malaysia, this 45-minute High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class maximizes the booty band for a total body workout. The class includes cardio training, weights and resistance bands to help burn calories and tone the lower part of the body.

Led by upbeat energetic music and HIIT training, the class was truly an eye-opener and a great platform to learn how capable your body is in defying the negative thoughts in your head telling you you can’t do it. Even if you’re an active gym-goer, don’t expect this class to be an easy session as simple-looking workouts that are often perceived as easy can be really difficult to do.

Some activities we had to do include burpees, jumping jacks, push-ups and slider exercises that incorporate the resistance band wrapped around your legs which certainly turned the intensity up a notch. There was a short interval after each exercise for us to catch a breath and rehydrate, but with only a minute or less of rest between the workouts, it can be a struggle for some to keep up the pace.

“If you think that the Triple B class is similar to your regular squats and lower body workout, think again! The strength required to do an exercise is tripled because of the resistance band. I was feeling so pumped up at the beginning of the workout but 10 minutes later, I was absolutely drained. My glutes and legs were burning, and all I wanted to do was lie down and sleep. However, U Mei was a really good trainer as she kept encouraging us to keep pushing and not give up. While it was quite a torturous session, I actually felt really good about myself after the end of it.” – Elaine, Digital Writer.

The Defying Gravity event was organised by Lorna Jane and Believe Active, and the Triple B – Booty Band Bootcamp is available at Epique Fitness. Learn more about Lorna Jane active clothing line on their website.

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