FEMALE Tries: Flycycle

Looking for a new way to break a sweat? Check out Flycycle’s intense head-to-toe workout on a bike. 

Photography: Flycylce

Photography: Flycycle

You might have heard of the New York-based indoor cycling workout called, Soul Cycle. Well, guess what? We have our very own version in KL too! Enter Flycycle, and its special spinning routine that incorporates spinning, cardio, dancing and dynamic movements to strengthen your body, tone your core and burn calories all at the same time! When we were blasted with an email inviting us to join a FREE 45 minute session, we were all game to give it a go. Heading there with our innocent expectations, other than what we roughly know about the class, we were all in for a (fun yet torturous) surprise!

Photograph: Flycycle

Photograph: Flycycle

Set up in a dim LED-lit room with upbeat dance tunes, and a (good-looking) instructor to guide and push us through, here’s our verdict on the full-body workout experience:

Founder of Flycycle, Jason Choong, Alya, Joan, and Flycycle Instructor, Alando Atkinson | Arielle, Joanna, Tammy, Seema, and Mei Ling

Left Picture: Founder of Flycycle, Jason Choong, Alya, Joan, and Flycycle Instructor Alando Atkinson. Right Picture: Arielle, Joanna, Tammy, Seema, and Mei Ling


1. Yang Mei Ling, Editor

“I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into when I signed up for this session, but I’ve heard some good reviews about it from friends who’ve tried it so I thought, why not? It took a while for me to get adjusted to having my feet ‘stuck’ onto the pedals but once I got a hang of it, it was less scary. The start was a bit tough for me as I haven’t worked out for quite some time (and having to constantly pedal didn’t help!), but I warmed up towards the middle, especially when we started doing push-ups. Surprisingly, the part I enjoyed the most was when we used weights while pedalling, and the session was over sooner than I expected it to!”


2. Joan Kong, Senior Fashion Writer

“I went for a cycle around Central Park (10km) when I was in New York recently and I struggled so much with uphill cycling, so I was a lil’ hesitant about going for this Flycycle class. However, once I got used to the pace and got more familiar with the bike, it wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be! I like the fact that you can cycle at your own pace when you feel like you can’t keep up, and the workout – which doesn’t only focus your lower body is definitely a plus. Going with a bunch of friends and the music made the class more enjoyable too.”


3. Joanna Pinto, Special Projects Writer

“I didn’t really know what to expect before walking into the dimly-lit room. All I remember from the posts I’ve seen on Instagram is a bunch of happy faces next to cute instructors – so, it can’t be that bad right? Wrong. For someone whose fitness level only involves yoga (thrice a week at most), my thighs managed to muster enough energy to cycle for about 20 minutes in, before collapsing mid-way into the suddenly-comfortable triangle bike seats for the following sets (and it’s only the beginner’s class!). Nevertheless, the push-up reps made the workout more interesting while I definitely enjoyed the second half of the class cos my jelly-like legs (finally) got a break as we picked up dumbbells and also worked on our abs. Post-workout note: my arms, core and legs were sore for the next few days. Yay!”


Photography: Flycycle

Photography: Flycycle


4. Tammy Chan,  Editorial Assistant

“Let me start of by saying that I love cycling (even though I haven’t done it in awhile), which was why I thought Flycycle would end up being an easy 45-minute workout routine. Boy was I so wrong! The routine escalated from simple to hardcore in a heartbeat, and I instantly regretted my decision of forgoing the warm up exercises.

Our instructor that afternoon, as amazing as his toned biceps looked in a sleeveless top, definitely did not make it easy for us. I tried my best to keep up and when I couldn’t (which was 60% of the time), I had to sneakily stop riding to catch my breath. However, I wouldn’t say that it was entirely torture cos I truly had fun, especially when the music’s beat was in sync with the routine. It’s definitely time to start working out more often. #2017Resolution


5. Arielle Yen, Editorial Assistant

“Before the class I was apprehensive, because I’d heard that Flycycle was tough – some of my friends claimed that they couldn’t walk for three days afterwards. It was actually quite vigorous, even at our beginner level, but the enthusiastic instructor and pumped-up beats more than made up for it! Instead of feeling exhausted, I actually felt energized and invigorated after. I’d go back again in a heartbeat.


6. Alya Zulkernai, Editorial Assistant

“I’m going to be upfront about myself, I’m a bum when it comes to exercising. But I promised myself to try new things when opportunities arise and hey ho, I decided to give Flycycle a shot! I honestly thought it was going to be more of a sit-and-spin kind of cycling, but dang, na’ah! It was some next-level cycling-cum-cardio and core workout. I struggled in the beginning (read: died!) but halfway through I managed to get back up again cos we didn’t have to cycle anymore; instead we had to work with dumbbells and some stretching after. All in all, it was a fun experience and I’d be keen to join again (well, after my legs aren’t jell-o anymore).”


If you’re interested in joining the death trap adrenaline-pumping session at Flycycle, click HERE to sign up or visit their location at VERVE® Shops, 6-1A floor, Jalan Kiara 5, Mont Kiara, 50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

You can choose your preferred level of classes – Fly Beginners for newbies or FlyRide for a much more intense class.

Prices range from RM75 to RM1560.

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